Income Tax Non-Filers

M. Robinson & Co., Tax Law Specialists assists individuals who have not filed their income taxes as well as individuals who have improperly filed their income tax returns.

Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR)

M. Robinson & Co., Tax Law Specialists prepares:

  • Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR form TD F 90-22.1) for individuals with foreign bank accounts who have not properly filed or who have never filed
  • Expatriate Tax Returns for U.S. citizens who are working or living overseas
  • Tax returns for Foreign Nationals who are living or working in the US although they are citizens of another country.

Penalty Reduction

M. Robinson & Co., Tax Law Specialists has successfully reduced penalties and interest for both state and federal income tax issues, including:

  • Failure to file your tax return on time
  • Failure to file an accurate return
  • Failure to pay on time

These penalties apply to income, estate and other taxes. Similar penalties can often be waived or reduced if the taxpayer has exercised "good faith" and has made a reasonable effort to comply with the tax laws.

Charitable Giving

M. Robinson & Co., Tax Law Specialists helps individuals maximize the tax benefits of gifts of stock and other property to charities. We also advise professionals and executives on how to structure their affairs to minimize federal and state income, gift and estate taxes. Our attorneys focus on practicality. For example we will only recommend the adoption of a complex estate plan or non-qualified stock option plan if the tax savings and other benefits clearly outweigh the costs to create and maintain these plans.

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