As an individual taxpayer, it is expected that your portfolio will becoming increasingly complex as you continue to live your life. When you choose to purchase a home, birth and educate children, and inherit assets -- each of these choices or circumstances carries consequences to your portfolio and, of course, your taxes. M. Robinson will help you protect your earned and inherited assets, thereby stabilizing you and your family's finances.  This strategy will enable you to meet both your immediate and future financial goals while minimizing the amount paid in taxes.  

As an individual tax filer, we encourage you to connect with us regarding services in:

  • Preparation of income taxes for federal, state and local, and international taxes
  • Wealth transfer strategies, including estate and charitable giving by maximize the tax benefits of gifting stocks and property while minimizing the donor's federal and state income, gift and estate taxes.
  • College education fund 
  • Retirement planning, including Roth-IRA
  • Year-end tax planning and multi-year projections
  • Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR) Services including: (a) Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (formetly FBAR form TD F 90-22.1) for individuals with foreign bank accounts who have not properly filed or who have never filed, (b) Expatriate Tax Returns for U.S. citizens who are working or living overseas, (c) Tax returns for Foreign Nationals who are living or working in the US although they are citizens of another country.
  • Penalty reduction of income, estate, and other items which were filed: (a) after the deadline, (b) innacurately, or (c) were not paid on time  
  • Income tax non-filer or those who submit incorrect tax returns 
  • Representation before the IRS and other state and local tax agencies