M. Robinson wants your business to succeed, regardless of whether you own a small family business or a multi-million dollar operation.

Our expertise in tax law has showed us that forming and maintaining a successful business hinge on a careful consideration of tax implications. Stated differently, we believe that your business' financial success and legacy are intimately tied with its financial organization and taxation.  

First we will seek to understand your business and financial goals. Then we will proactively forecast potential legal and tax issues, thereby enabling your business to make a fully informed choice about your business ventures. 

M. Robinson can help businesses with a wide array of services relating to tax preparation, tax defense, and financial planning including: 

  • Forecast of employment taxes
  • Preparation of financial statements and tax returns
  • Audit or review of financial statements

M. Robinson also excels in minimizing a business' overall tax liabilities including: 

  • Payroll Tax Disputes
  • Unemployment Tax Disputes
  • Employee Misclassification Disputes
  • Sales Tax Disputes
  • Domicile Audits for people who reside in another state or country for part of the year

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