Why Do Our Clients Use Our Tax Preparation Services?

M. Robinson is a strong choice for your individual, business, or non-profit tax needs. We encourage you to consider why others have chosen us in the past by reading reviews of our firm on Google Reviews and perusing the "client successes" page of our website. Here are three other reasons why clients have chosen us in the past:  

Experience matters. From the most simple to the most complex, there is no single “answer” to a tax problem. A qualified, experienced professional can weigh the ambiguities to pick the answer which produces a rock-solid tax return within the letter of the law.

After assisting hundreds of clients over the decades, we have the breadth and depth of experience to navigate those ambiguities and prepare a return that can withstand a tax audit even by a determined auditor. For example, we have been able to win some obscure cases and apply rarely-used deductions like "Hobby Loss" in order to reduce a client's tax obligations. 

It is our priority that you remain in good standing with the tax authorities. In the past seemingly trivial violations of tax and financial reporting have derailed careers, like political leaders who cannot run for office because of their failure to pay the, so called, "Nanny Tax." Professionals  cannot afford even the slightest whiff of a scandal. We therefore see it as our professional duty to minimize your tax obligations while remaining within the bounds of the law.  This knowledge gives our clients peace of mind. 

We know it's complicated. Tax law is one of the most challenging, complex, and inaccessible areas of the law. This is a problem for clients because the unintentional failure to comply can be unforgiving. For example, we handle many cases of individuals who unintentionally do not comply with the Bank Secrecy Act (FBARs: FinCEN Form 114) which can result in penalties equal to 5 percent of the amount of the unreported assets.The failure to disclose interests in controlled foreign corporations, foreign partnerships and foreign trusts and estates start at $10,000 per incident per year.

We understand that the stakes are high and that you're seeking out help because you can't do this yourself. We therefore see it as our professional duty to minimize your tax obligation and protect your hard-earned money.

Additionally, we understand that individual's and business' are not static, but rather grow and change with increasing sophistication -- certainly affecting your taxation. We want to be your tax counsel for years to come. (Though it is worthy to note that some taxpayers need professional help for only a single year, perhaps if the taxpayer moved to a new state, is a professor on sabbatical, or has an unusual section 1031 exchange.) 

We encourage you to call us for a consultation free of charge at 617-428-6900.